Program Information

The program of the 18th I4CS will offer a great opportunity to present community aspects seen from different views, to exchange best practice, and to perform close networking.

Presentation Sessions

The main track is formed by individual presentations based on the submitted papers. A session will consist of two or three oral slide presentations dedicated to a certain topic. Each speaker will be given a 25 minute time slot for presentation plus five minutes of discussion.

Each session is moderated by a Session Chair. Every presenter can find the name of the chair in the conference program. It is always fruitful to meet the chair in advance and to provide him with sheet of paper containing the short CV of participants.

Invited Talk

Title: Internet of everything

Subtitle: „Anything that can be connected, will be connected“.

Content: The lecture deals with current and future communication technologies used for the internet if everything (3GPP, LPLA, LPWA). The lecture provides an overview of the above-mentioned communication technologies with emphasis on the LORA technology as a very perspective technology for internet of everything solutions. At the end of the lecture some application scenarios will be presented.

Assoc. Prof. Peter Ševčík, PhD, works as a head of the Department of Technical Cybernetics, Faculty of Management Science and Informatics, University of Žilina. In the presentation he will provide deep insight into the problematic of IoE, from the viewpoint of skilled practitioner and experienced researcher.

Social Events

Do not miss them, there is no better way for networking at all. Form a very special community during the conference. For all registered participants the two main events are included in the conference fee.